Donald Savitski
                                                                  President and Owner
  • DJ's Heating & Air Conditioning

         Outstate 1-800-428-1431

         WEEKEND CALLS 612-290-8161

  763-497-2661              Fax: 763-497-2695

  • Anne Savitski: Vice President, Auditor, Accounts Receivable. Contact Anne at 763-497-2661x127 or e-mail Anne at
  • Rick Anderson: New Construction scheduling and commercial estimating. In-Floor Equipment. Contact Rick at 763-497-2661x125 or e-mail Rick at

  • Mark Anderson: MIS - HVAC Sales, Internet Sales. Contact Mark at 763-497-2661x132 or e-mail Mark at

  • Danielle Holen: Phone Operator, Customer service. Contact Danielle at 763-497-2661x138 or e-mail Danielle at

  • Dave Herrman: City Desk - Parts - Warranty. Contact Dave at 763-497-2661x140 or e-mail Dave at 
  • Tom Wendel Executive Job Supervisor
  • Brendan LaMotte: Service Tech, Sales, and Installation
  • DJ's Fireplace/Spa Showrooms

Outstate 1-800-428-1431

WEEKEND CALLS 612-290-8161

  • Blair Howell: Fireplace General Information. Fireplace Install Scheduler and Fireplace Parts Contact. Contact Blair at 763-497-2661x134 or e-mail Blair at

  • Fred Meyers: Monticello Showroom. Fireplaces, Hot Tubs, Chemcials, & HVAC Sales. Contact Don at 763-497-6859, Text Fred 763-370-6524, or e-mail Fred at

  • Don Klaers: Albertville. Fireplace, Hot Tubs, Chemicals, & HVAC Sales. Contact Don at 763-497-2661, text at 612-570-2435, or e-mail Don at

  • Mike Roberts: All Showrooms. Fireplace, Hot Tubs, Chemicals, & HVAC Sales. Contact Mike at 763-497-2661, or text Mike at

  • Tom Fay: Elk River Showroom.Fireplace, & HVAC Sales. Contact Joel at 763-497-2661 or e-mail Tom at

  • Lori Petroske: All Showrooms. Fireplace, & HVAC Sales. Hot Tub Sales Contact Lori at 763-497-2661x142, text Lori at 763-777-1768, or e-mail Lori at


  • Brent McShane: Fireplace Installs.
  • Jim Zachmann: Fireplace Service.